Social Security 2018 Red Book - A Guide to Work Incentives

The Red Book is our free guide to employment supports for recipients of Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income, or both. It explains our work incentives, how working can affect benefits, where to find local services, and more.

Educators, rehabilitation specialists, and counselors rely on this publication every year. Whether your clients are thinking about working now or may want to work in the future, the Red Book can help them consider the possibilities.

The Red Book is available on our website.

For a free printed copy of the 2018 Red Book, please contact us by one of the following methods.

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NLRB Reinstitutes the Browning-Ferris Joint Employer Standard - For Now (March 28, 2018)

When the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) expanded its definition of “joint employer” in 2015 to include companies that share some direct or indirect control over other companies’ employees, many businesses were understandably concerned that they could become
partly or wholly responsible for individuals previously considered to be other companies’ employees. This new joint employer standard, established in the NLRB’s decision
Browning-Ferris Industries of California, Inc., 362 N.L.R.B. No. 186 (Aug. 27, 2015) (“Browning-Ferris”), seemed to be here to stay, as it was cited extensively by the NLRB and adopted by federal district courts.