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Alcott HR Group

Alcott HR Group is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) which provides Human Resource services in the areas of:
• HR compliance
• workers comp, risk mgmt.
• employee benefits 
• and payroll administration

Our clients are small to mid-sized organizations (5 employees to 150) which cannot justify having in-house HR staff or need an affordable and effective HR resource.

Our clients outsource the burden of HR and shift many of the responsibilities and liabilities of employment to Alcott. This transfer of responsibility and risk lets our clients operate their business knowing that HR matters won’t eat away at their time because they have a professional staff to guide them on all personnel issues. Our PEO model also allows our clients to offer comprehensive large-company style employee benefits packages that would not be available if they stood on their own.

Our clients' industries include medical and dental practices, manufacturers, professional services and nonprofit organizations. We've been providing HR solutions for over 30 years and currently have over 300 PEO clients in 42 states. Our Williamsville office has over 35 HR professionals servicing our locally headquartered clients and their out of state employees.

Contact Kristen Russo at 761-626-9500 for more information.

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