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BNHRA recognizes the importance of having strong relationships with local undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a human resources program or a program in a related area. Students represent the future of our profession and BNHRA is committed to nurturing these prospective HR leaders by providing professional development and networking opportunities for them.

BNHRA welcomes students to join the chapter for free and attend monthly professional development meetings on cutting edge human resource issues at a reduced cost. Membership offers students the opportunity to supplement their classroom education with real-world knowledge, hands-on experience, and a network of HR colleagues who can assist them with career planning and employment contacts. Upon request, BNHRA will solicit members for classroom speaking engagements at their colleges and universities as another way to bridge academic learning with practical workplace HR practices and challenges.

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Internships are great opportunities for both students and employers. For students, it is an opportunity to get an expectation of a typical workplace as well as develop some practical skills after learning the foundations in the class. For employers, the benefit is two-fold. They can “test drive” entry-level professionals and get a better understanding of an individual’s skill set and abilities. At the same time, an employer can leverage the intern on projects that are “nice-to-do” if there was enough time. The key issue is that the relationship has to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Students and HR Professionals

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In an effort to help coordinate the recruitment of HR interns, the BNHRA has established an HR Internship section in the Career CenterPost a HR Internship opening and it will be communicated to the Student Chapter Leadership, Advisors and Liaisons.

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