In Transition


Do you know of fellow HR professionals who are currently in between jobs? If so, please let them know BNHRA offers a NO cost In Transition membership package that includes our Goodwill Fund sponsored by StaffBuffalo, LLC 

The In-transition Committee connects BNHRA members that are currently in-transition and also those seeking a new employment opportunity with one another, as well as services in the community such as training, career coaching, and networking. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the In Transition Director.


We are looking for BNHRA members to offer mentoring and support to members that are in-transition and for HR student members. This may include assistance with resumes, suggestions about interviewing or skills, career development, training, and making a career transition. If you are interested, please contact the In Transition Director or the College Relations Director

SHRM In-transition members renew your SHRM membership through SHRM's one-time membership option at zero cost. For more details click here

In-Transition Helpful Resources:



Your Career Q & A: Find a Job with Direct Research & Approach by Martin Yate, originally published on SHRM website
How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions and Get More Job Offers by Martin Yate, originally published on SHRM website


Job Search sites:


Resource for those in Niagara County


My temporary assignment recently ended with an organization and I was actively seeking employment with no luck.
I decided to join the BNHRA, but not being tech savvy I experienced some difficulty and a team member from the BNHRA contacted me to help. Upon discussing my unemployment I learned about the In-transition committee and was shocked to learn all the awesome benefits they provided, plus a free-temporary BNHRA membership!
Now you won’t believe me when I tell you this part of my testimony, but it’s true! It has always been a career goal of mine to become an HR Generalist and one of first job notification emails I received from the In-Transition- committee was for a HR Generalist with recruitment experience.
I applied and guess what!!! I landed my dream job! I will forever be thankful to the BNHRA Transition Committee for providing me support during an uncertain time in my life.
Rachel Mancone
HR Generalist
BestSelf Behavioral Health

I’d like to share my experience with the BNHRA in-transition committee. I had decided to move from freelance consulting to a corporate HR position, and found the in-transition committee at BNHRA. Marge Mrugalski quickly became my mentor, and she and I worked together to target my resume and job search activities. When I was feeling discouraged in my search, I found the in-transition committee to be a source of encouragement and support. I gave several elevator pitches that led to interviews and leads, and found the membership of BNHRA to be welcoming, supportive, and encouraging.

From my perspective, the success of the in-transition committee is driven by the BNHRA membership. Our involved members help make connections, pass along leads, and offer advice to those making career changes, and it’s an irreplaceable source of support and knowledge. I knew that I had Marge and many other BNHRA members in my corner as I searched for the right position, and it was a great joy to celebrate with them when I found the right fit. I’d encourage any HR professional who is in-between jobs or thinking about a career change to join and participate in the in-transition committee, and I’d also encourage BNHRA members to serve as mentors to someone in your specialty or industry who is looking for a position.

Julie Gee
Human Resources Coordinator
Columbus McKinnon Corporation

In-Transition Committee
In-Transition Chair

Margaret Mrugalski, PHR
McGard LLC