BNHRA Volunteer

BNHRA is Seeking Volunteers!

Find out first hand why BNHRA is the premiere organization for Human Resource Professionals in the Buffalo Niagara Region and how we strive to serve the professional needs of our diverse regional chapter.

Why Volunteer?

As a non-profit professional association, the BNHRA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, dedicated to providing its members with quality information regarding the field of human resource management. Our Chapter offers a large variety of services and programs as communication vehicles to provide timely and updated information to the membership. Volunteering provides an opportunity for networking, interaction and fun! It also gives the volunteer a sense of contribution to the profession and a sense of personal gratification. Volunteering is a great personal and professional development activity, contributing to your career growth and expanding your resume.

What do I get out of this position?

To put it simply—a lot! As a volunteer for BNHRA, you will reap many benefits that will help you grow both personally and professionally. Some of the possible benefits include: experience, achievement, recognition, satisfaction through helping others, self-expression, professional competence, certification, and networking.

As a volunteer for BNHRA, you will develop a personal network that will help you in many ways.You will gain:- Exposure to other HR professionals and companies,revealing how other organizations handle various human resource situations, procedures, policies, etc.

  • Up-to-date information on pending legislation that may impact your company’s operations;
  • A network of professionals and specialists providing access to HR information that might otherwise be difficult and/or expensive to obtain;
  • Relationships and contacts in other companies to share information on HR concerns; and
  • Recognition as a leader who has a commitment to the HR profession and is willing to give back to help others in the profession.


Your personal skills will grow making you more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers. List your volunteer position(s) on your resumé—employers recognize the valuable experience that volunteering provides. Serving as a BNHRA volunteer will help you:

  • Build a reputation and credentials in the HR field through your involvement as a volunteer for BNHRA;
  • Expand your speaking and communication skills especially in conducting group meetings and making presentations;
  • Obtain best practices that have been effective in other organizations;
  • Develop leadership skills, including the ability to meet goals through consensus and persuasion, and by working with other volunteer leaders towards a stated goal We proudly thank all of the current and past member volunteers for making our Chapter the best it can be!

 We look forward to working with many more fine volunteers in the future!

BNHRA Committees Need You!

Whether you choose to volunteer to gain additional leadership opportunities, build your resume, increase exposure in the association community, or give back to the profession, BNHRA relies on you to help support the association. Whichever way you choose to get involved, we are committed to provide you with a meaningful experience.To learn more about how you can become involved contact us!

Student Mentor / Mentee Program Sign Up:

Mentors: Would you like to help develop our future HR generation?

Mentees: Wouldn't it be nice to develop a professional relationship with an experienced HR practitioner and be able to learn outside the classroom?

Learn more and sign up here!

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