Maggie Shea - StaffBuffalo

Maggie Shea is a CPA and the Managing Partner of StaffBuffalo, LLC and co-founder of HRBuffalo.  Maggie has served on the BNHRA since 2012 (Treasurer from 2012-2017 and Communications Chair from 2017-Present).  Maggie also is an Organizer of DisruptHR Buffalo (October 16, 2018).  

About StaffBuffalo and HRBuffalo:

StaffBuffalo is a certified women-owned (WBE), full-service professional staffing firm, providing executive, direct hire, and contract solutions for employers in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas, as well as, HR support and Management consulting practices. We specialize in providing our clients with the best candidates for each job, as well as, personalized career management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities.

StaffBuffalo is an organization that not only helps companies find the perfect candidate, but we also help them keep and engage their investment as well through HRBuffalo. HRBuffalo provides HR Support Service and Management Consultation, based on the specific needs and goals of your people and organization.